White Park Throwdown

Hannah Brewer and Kirk Morrison attended the ABRA White Park Throwdown.

Here is the story: by Hannah Brewer

Fun course, new kit, podium finish, where do I even begin with the Whitepark Throwdown?

Since everyone and their mom already know that Whitepark is my favorite race course, let’s begin with the new kit. In case you haven’t seen it (hahaha, and we hope you haven’t), it’s CAMO

Three years ago at the Whitepark throwdown (and several races thereafter), some of the ladies started saying things to the effect of “Good race, I saw your yellow sleeves through the trees and just hammered it” , “ugh, yellow sleeves, she’s still right here” or “I saw your yellow sleeves and thought, oh yeah, I can catch her!”

After realizing how difficult it was to see some of the other riders through the trees that had darker, more neutral colored kits, I somewhat jokingly told Henry that I needed a camo kit.

After all, most of the ladies I race with have neutral colored kits:
Trek/Top Gear – Black kit,
Pathfinder of WV- Green & Black kit,
Pro Bikes- Black kit,
Ag3r - GLOW IN THE DARK kit!
It was true that Ag3r dirt riders could not sneak up on anyone in the woods.

And so began the conversation of camo kits.....

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that there was a time during the camo kit planning process that sample jerseys of hunting-style camo kits started showing up in my inbox:

No to THIS...

No to THIS....

...and DEFINITELY NO to THIS...!!!

Note to Self:
Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.

BUT, being the master kit-designer that he is, Henry hit all of the important elements of a well-designed camouflage kit with the purpose of remaining incognito in the woods without using a traditional camo pattern. Instead, we got the green and black color scheme, the flair of something different, our purple Ag3r logo, and a modern, edgy design that says, “I’m going to Moraine to race mountain bikes not to hunt turkeys.” And this is why I love my team as much as I love racing!

Speaking of loving racing, the WhitePark Throwdown is worth all the hype. Trails were RIPPIN’ FAST, completely dry, and well-maintained. I cut into the woods right behind Nicole Dorinzi, and her teammate, Justine Pagenhardt was right behind me. If you haven’t seen Nicole race, she climbs like a goddess and flies through singletrack seemingly effortlessly. There’s no other way to put it, she is FAST. I knew I couldn’t maintain her pace, but I knew I had to work hard to keep Justine off of my back wheel.

The ladies ended up finishing the race in the same order that they entered the woods, but I had plenty of blonde ponytail sightings throughout the race to remind me to continue to push myself in order to maintain my position. To make things more confusing, Nicole and Justine look a lot alike, especially when flying through the woods – same kit and same long, blonde hair.

I never knew if I was seeing Nicole in the singletrack ahead of me, or if I was seeing Justine in the singletrack behind me....???

If you’ve ever raced Whitepark, you know what I mean – the trails wind back and forth and you often see riders at other spots on the course, but can’t tell how far ahead or how far behind they are.

Lap 1: Blonde ponytail - probably Nicole – nice.

Lap 2: Blonde ponytail -probably Justine catching me – go faster.

Lap 3: Blonde ponytail - don’t care, -go faster either way.

Lap 4: Blonde Ponytail – Henry Dimmick...???!!!

I raced well, felt strong, and finished in 2nd place in the Women’s Pro/Expert 1/2/3 Category.

Whitepark continues to be my #1 ... but I continue to be Whiteparks #2.

WV turf and fast WV ladies, I will take it!


My Ag3r Teammate Kirk Morrison took the 1st place WIN for the Men’s Masters 55+

The verdict is, these kits work!


CAMO is for WORMS ;)

PS -
"Rumor" has it that AFTER the race....and AFTER the clean-up... Kirk realized that he had misplaced his car keys.  After lots of looking, they were FOUND.....(in the dumpster) along with all the course marking tape!
Photos by:
Hannah Brewer
Gunnar Shogren
Other Innocent Bystanders



We put TWO Teams into the PMVC 5 mile Team Time Trial, pairing experienced TTT riders with new TTT riders, therefore choosing to all ride ROAD bikes for safety.

Ag3r-REDshift comprised of:
     Mark Briercheck
     Steve Marlette
     Nathan Black

Ag3r-BLUEshift comprised of:
     Ray Sielski
     Ben Adduru
     Hannah Brewer
     Henry Dimmick

After receiving our starting instruction from Stephanie and Oscar Swan...
...we took our last drinks....
...and pulled on our super-duper aerodynamic cheating devices...

...before getting cue for our starts.

Once rolling, both Team put in steady performances....

5th Place for Ag3r-REDshift

6th Place for Ag3r-BLUEshift
...sometimes feeling FAST...

....and sometimes feeling SLOW :)

Afterwards, we lined up....

...to watch Steve Brewer ride ONE whole lap, in what we think was entirely too much CRASH PROTECTION...?!?!?

With the event now over, we hung in the parking lot, as usual, staring at Steve's MOTO...

...while Mark tried out his new idea for Team KNICKERS(?)!!!

 Pictures by Steve Brewer and Sonic Imaging.


There are NO good Running blogs

...because they all read like this:

I started running, and then kept running.
Then I turned.... and ran some more.
I got tired. But I kept running.
There was some Gatorade. 
 I dropped the cup on my foot.
My sock got wet.
I ran some more, and then I got to the end.
I was pretty tired.
...by Roger Lutz



Two by Twelve?

EIGHT Ag3r riders, making up FOUR 2-person teams, headed into West Virginia for the Big Bear Lake 2 x 12 Mtn Bike Race....

....which pairs riders to alternate 12 mile laps, for SIX+ hours.  The Team with the most laps completed, in the least amount of time, WINS.

Despite a weekend of storms repeatedly SWEEPING across the area....

...we arrived to Big Bear Lake on Friday, to camp out the night BEFORE the race.

As you enter the Racing and Camping area, you are greeted by the unique to this race "Fly Over" that is at the END of each loop.

New this year, was that the loop at the end of the Fly-Over now had BANKING to it...!!!

Also new this year, were a LARGE permanent Shelter and Fire Pit, already set up for Saturday evening's post race "sacrifice".
After enduring HEAVY WIND and STORMS all night, we crawled out of our tent to get ready to race.
Unfortunately, the first thing we saw was yet ANOTHER storm coming our way.  It was going to be a RAINING, WET and MUDDY race.

To boost our spirits, Nathan and Riley Black presented the Team with color matching Race-Bracelets!
Unfortunately, once the racing started....EVERYONE was all the SAME COLOR!

In a DUO events, at the end of each lap for one rider, a red baton must be handed off to their teammate to carry throughout THEIR lap....

...after which, the just-finished riders try to gather their wits....

...or have their injuries looked after by Trained Professionals....

....before eating, drinking, resting and getting ready to go back out to do it all again!

In these pictures, Hannah has (just) CRASHED.

Onto a ROCK.

With her FACE.

The rock was OK.
So, on it went, back and forth...with the SUN finally poking through mid-day!

Late in the afternoon, as the main divisions were finishing, there was even a kid's race.  That is Riley Black in the center of the picture...dressed in BLACK!

As everyone's final lap came to a close....Kirk pedaled up the Fly-Over one last time...

...before running through the Officials Tent....

...while Ray mustered the energy for a fist bump, so he wouldn't leave Bobby "hanging"!

After everyone had a shower, MOST of us felt better....

...while ALL of us "SMELT" better :)

Moving to the Awards Ceremony, Kirk Morrison and Henry Dimmick took 3rd Place in the Grand Masters Division...but (apparently?) did not have the energy to STAND UP...!?!?

...while Hannah Brewer and Mike Maher took 3rd Place in the Coed Sport Division.


Ray Sielski and Nathan Black finished in 4th Place of the Clydesdale Division, and

Bobby Irwin and Matt Olearchick finished in 11th Place of the Duo Expert Division.

Afterward, we were happy to FILL our MUGS with beer...

...and HAPPY that Hannah was now feeling good enough to laugh when we made jokes about her FACE :))

As night set in, the "sacrifices" were made, while the Band started playing...

...and we all settled in for a nice evening under mostly clear skies!

Next morning, we woke to the sound of a couple of strange "bikes"....

...before hitting the road for home.....
...and LAUNDRY.

But as we reflect back on the race....

...and on the DAMAGE that was done to our people....

...and to our equipment.....

...we are STILL PLANNING to race again next year!