6 Hours of Brady

Story by Bobby Irwin:

The 6 Hours of Brady's Run mountain bike race was a ton of fun and a good benchmark in my ultra endurance race training.

Dirty Mike and I represented Ag3r in our respective classes: 6 hour solo/male (me), and 3 hour open (DM). 
Photo by Mike Briggs
 The whistle blew at 10 a.m., releasing the demons onto the brutal 1.5 mile service road climb to start the race.
Photo by Mike Briggs
(It is worth mentioning that this race was extremely competitive in terms of skilled and fast riders.) Almost every fast guy from the tri-state area showed up to battle it out.

I held on to Dahn Pahrs wheel as long as I could, but he eventually dropped me once we got into the singletrack climb. I settled in and figured out the pace I needed to hold for the next 6 laps !

Photo by Mike Briggs
The 8 mile loop consisted of long climbs, fun tight singletrack, and a loose, rocky downhill at the end. My first lap I turned a fast 46 min. The next three hovered around 50 min, and the final two were each just over an hour. With temperatures hovering above 90, each mile got harder throughout the day.

At one point, I was cruising down a wide open trail, just freewheeling, and then hit back into a tight, rocky singletrack climb when I heard someone yell from behind me "Leader!!! Leader back!!!"...to which my reaction always was, if you think I am just going to let you around after asking like that, you have another thing coming!!!...it was Jordan Snyder. I laid the hammer down and crushed the climb, as if to think i would actually drop this dude. He made it to the top, and then proceeded to ride away from as if I was standing still. I was crushed.

Luckily the frustration propelled me to finish strong!! 

Photo by Mike Briggs
Kudos to DM for handing me up fresh bottles of electrolyte drink and snacks after he finished his 3 hour race.

Around lap 5, I started to feel like I might cramp up, and I was running out of water. Thank god they had an aid station half way through the lap, where I stopped to pour cold bottles over my head. I also finished the aid station attendant's french fries, and inhaled a package of Shot Bloks faster than you could blink an eye.

After i went out for lap 6, it was getting to the point where my body could not recover if I made a hard effort on a section. I just couldn't cool down properly anymore. I came through the clock at 5:37, so I could've went back out for another lap, but the rules dictated that any lap you are out on after the 6 hour mark must be completed in under 1 hour to count towards you total number of laps. I was not sure that I could do this, so I threw in the towel.

Photo by Mike Briggs
I ended up finishing in 6th Place (of 42) in the Solo male/open (under50) category, and 12th Place in solo overall (not sure how many participants overall, this included SS).

Dirty Mike hammered away 3 fast laps to finish in 6th Place overall in the 3 hour race!!! (with a malfunctioning fork) Great Job!!

Photo by Mike Briggs
The event concluded with pizza, donuts, and a live band!! I stayed for the awards ceremony and then made the trek back to Apollo.

Photo by Mike Briggs
Thanks to Chris Miceli and all volunteers who put this event together, it was fantastic! There was also $2500 raised for the "It's About the Warrior Foundation", through raffle ticket sales. See you next year on the podium Brady's !!!


STAY DIRTY, my Friends!!!

2014 Final Results

HERE are the 2014 Ag3r Appearance & Results Summaries:


Pittsburgh Marathon

Two Ag3r-FoxVelo riders are also RUNNERS.
Yup...they use their FEET to get from the Start to the Finish.
I know it's weird, but as it turns out, they are both quite good at it....!
Runner # 1 (in our hearts!)
Hannah Brewer
1/2 Marathon
a.k.a. - The H'animal ....
a.k.a. - The Great Ginger Smile!

Hannah finished the 1/2 Marathon 1,604th Overall...Men & Women combined.

Out of 8,566 Women in the 1/2, she finished:
79th in Division
525th Female

Runner #2
Roger Lutz
The Full (Monty) Marathon

a.k.a. Speed stiCk

Roger finished the Full Marathon 304th Overall...Men & Women combined.

Out of 2,913 Men in the Full, he finished:
27th in Division
262nd Male



.....or as I call them, "Lack of Thoughts"!!!

All Feet, No Brains! (speaking for myself). I think I spent more time running that day than I had in sleep the night before.

Lessons learned (how to qualify for Boston):

1. Don't UNDERestimate your time and thus be assigned to start in "corral B" (see pic). 4 Miles in traffic. Typical downtown Pittsburgh -- even on a Sunday!

2. Don't ignore that troublesome tightening leg muscle in the last few weeks of training. Stopping to stretch multiple times seemed counterintuitive to speed, but I wasn't going to make it if I didn't. Surely the issue cost me 2 minutes or more...

3. Pick your line well. My Garmin watch, tapped "start" to "finish", indicated 26.4. I'm convinced that was wide turns (a crap line) and weaving for position. For comparison, on the Moraine bike trail, I'm within 5 or 10 feet of the mile markers when it beeps. Accurate all 7 out and 7 back. So genuinely went .2 miles too far. That's a minute and a half right there.

3:25 finish, and 3:15 is Boston qualify.

I'm trying to convince myself NOT to try again, but as time passes, the bad parts fade from memory, and all I can remember is the sunrise at the start line......


The Fearsome FIVE

Story by FoxVelo-California rider Luke Scrivanich:

With a bit of trepidation and reservation, I elected to attempt this year’s edition of the Fearsome Five.

The FF has been on my cycling bucket list since doing 4 of 5 climbs in 2013.

Yesterday’s ride was somewhat of a whim, as the trials and tribulations of life’s challenges have kept me off the bike for extended periods of time. However, while stuffing drop bags at the Wohler bridge RS on Saturday, I was inspired to join the FF by a few close friends and the grand marshal himself!

I knew I would need an early bird start in order to finish, so arrived at 6:30am to what was announced as a meanderful pace. I settled in for a comfortable first South Geysers climb in the moist and cool marine layer. While many of my "friends" applied the pressure on this first climb, I remained calm, knowing there was so much more to come!

Temperatures in Sulfur Canyon were downright frigid. After helping someone change a flat, I came upon a portable and fully equipped Rest Stop at the bottom of Pine Mountain (climb #2), set up in the back of the organizer's truck.

The Marine layer was still holding, so this climb was also very cool. I was harassed by 2 hard-charging canines a couple of miles from summit. After quick descent and a 2nd refuel, we reversed course to scale Geysers from the north.

Late morning, the sun finally broke through and started to bake the roads and slowly heat the guardrails, which groaned as they expanded. The descent down south Geysers is among my favorites, with sweeping turns and stunning views of the Alexander valley vineyards below.

After lunch stop, I continued on into gusty headwinds headed S. on 128. My legs were getting quite exhausted as I made the turn onto Ida Clayton. The first 4 mi of this climb are quite steep and continued to sap my remaining strength, so I just tried to hand on to the turnaround point at Western Mines Rd.

After stretching my cramped legs at the top, I caught a second wind as we pace lined N. on 128 back to the school with a decent tailwind.  At the school, I felt somewhat recovered and strong enough to conquer the Pine Flat climb.

Approaching the wall was intimating as ever, as my legs were completely shot. I figured I would crawl up the wall if I had to. As I hit the steep 20% grade, I starting pedaling squares, rocking back and forth to use my body weight to keep forward momentum. I took this climb well beyond my pain threshold, as there was no stopping me now! Halfway up the steep, I could hear some friends shouting encouragement as I slowly approached. Upon reaching the top, I felt a sense of deep accomplishment.

At the summit we stood in wonderment, while we gazed down onto the stunningly beautiful world below, spent a few poignant moments reflecting on the day’s suffering (mind over body), pondering the ups and downs of life’s challenges, and underscored the importance of living in the moment and counting your blessings.

The summit is the official end of the day’s suffering, with the descent down Pine Flat a mere victory lap basking in the glory of our deeds. However, my victory lap was abruptly cut short by a very sharp rock which slashed the sidewall of my rear Gatorskin hardcase. Our makeshift repair only held up for 3 miles, so my friend MarC, the consummate ride leader host, returned up the mountain with his truck to retrieve one tired and cold man.

THE COLD MUG presentation capped a very long, but extremely satisfying day!

Thanks to all for giving me the strength to complete this suffer fest!



Happy Spring

So, Kirk Morrison. Which one did you eat first...?!?

1) Dark Chocolate is Good for Your Heart
Studies show that eating a small amount of dark chocolate two or three times each week can help lower your blood pressure. Dark chocolate improves blood flow and may help prevent the formation of blood clots. Eating dark chocolate may also prevent arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).

2) Dark Chocolate is Good for Your Brain

Dark chocolate increases blood flow to the brain as well as to the heart, so it can help improve cognitive function. Dark chocolate also helps reduce your risk of stroke.

Dark chocolate also contains several chemical compounds that have a positive effect on your mood and cognitive health. Chocolate contains phenylethylamine (PEA), the same chemical your brain creates when you feel like you're falling in love.
PEA encourages your brain to release endorphins, so eating dark chocolate will make you feel happier.

Dark chocolate also contains caffeine, a mild stimulant. However, dark chocolate contains much less caffeine than coffee.
A 1.5 ounce bar of dark chocolate contains 27 mg of caffeine, compared to the 200 mg found in an eight ounce cup of coffee.

3) Dark Chocolate Helps Control Blood Sugar
Dark chocolate helps keep your blood vessels healthy and your circulation unimpaired to protect against type 2 diabetes.
The flavonoids in dark chocolate also help reduce insulin resistance by helping your cells to function normally and regain the ability to use your body's insulin efficiently.
Dark chocolate also has a low glycemic index, meaning it won't cause huge spikes in blood sugar levels.

4) Dark Chocolate is Full of Antioxidants

Dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidants.
Antioxidants help free your body of free radicals, which cause oxidative damage to cells.
Free radicals are implicated in the aging process and may be a cause of cancer, so eating antioxidant rich foods like dark chocolate can protect you from many types of cancer and slow the signs of aging.

5) Dark Chocolate Contains Theobromine

Dark chocolate contains theobromine, which has been shown to harden tooth enamel.
That means that dark chocolate, unlike most other sweets, lowers your risk of getting cavities if you practice proper dental hygiene.

Theobromine is also a mild stimulant, though not as strong as caffeine.
It can, however, help to suppress coughs.

6) Dark Chocolate is High in Vitamins and Minerals

Dark chocolate contains a number of vitamins and minerals that can support your health. Dark chocolate contains some of the following vitamins and minerals in high concentrations:
Potassium, Copper, Magnesium, Iron

The copper and potassium in dark chocolate help prevent against stroke and cardiovascular ailments. The iron in chocolate protects against iron deficiency anemia, and the magnesium in chocolate helps prevent type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.


Western Pennsyl-ginia CycloCross

Cross Season Climax -
by Steve Marlette

Going into the last race of the ABRA Cyclocross Series, the top spot was locked up by the super fast Gunner Shogren, but there were three racers vying for second place. Only separated five points, Jeff Guy, Jay Downs and I were all in position to grab that coveted podium spot for the series. So the race was ON before the whistle even blew!

Start of 50+ Masters
Photo by Mike Briggs
As expected, the three of us spent the first 4 laps battling it out through every muddy turn and obstacle on the course. During the next-to-last lap we all slipped and fell in the turns as we each tried to break away from the other two.
One of the best parts of this race was Henry and Kirk cheering for Mark, Ray and I during the Masters race. I heard Henry shouting race info as I passed. He seemed to be at every turn, letting me know how hard the others where breathing and encouraging me to be patient in the early stages of the race. On the final laps he told me it was time to go hard and stop messing around :)) 
In the final lap Jeff slid out while navigating a tricky off-camber turn, allowing Jay and I to get away. Jay was in front, with me on his wheel, looking for a place pass. Early in the final lap I managed to run past Jay while going over a log. Once in front, I put the hammer down, but I knew Jay was not going to give up easily and there was a possibility of Jeff coming back as well.
Running the Log behind Jeff
Photo by Mike Briggs
Chasing Jay Next to Final Lap
Photo by Mike Briggs
As I came through the final turn, Henry yelled, “You have a five second lead, relax and keep it upright.” I crossed the line in second, securing 2nd Place in the race AND in the Series for the team!
(Left to Right)
Steve Marlette, Jeff Guy, and Jay Downs
Photo by Henry Dimmick
Steve Marlette 2nd Place Series Podium
Photo by Ray Sielski
Ray Sielski finished in 4th Place in the 60+ SERIES...
Ray Sielski 4th Place Series Podium
Photo by Steve Marlette
...and Mark Briercheck completed the second of his back-to-back races for the day. It was an awesome race with great competition, the best team support, an outstanding race promoter and fabulous sponsors.
But perhaps the most memorable thing was Henry holding the umbrella over me at the start while the freezing drizzle came down. After that special treatment, I knew I had to perform for the team!
Henry Holds Umbrella
Photo by Mike Briggs
Thanks to ABRA Racing for another excellent cross series, and to my teammates for the great company at all the races.
Also, a BIG thanks goes to Mike Briggs for taking spectacular photos on this cold wet day.
...and finally, THANKS to Ag3r for supporting the team all year long.
Overall Series Results:


Coaltown Cross

Story by Mike Maher:

The Coaltown Cross was a fun grass roots kind of race.

Not only did I race, I wound up "volunteering" to set up most of the course, tear it down and loan out all my tape stakes. Kirk got suckered in as well.

Like last time, they did several "short track" races prior to the main event.

In qualifier heat #1, I took the WIN being VERY lucky to not have the Pfugenator in my group.

They took the top 4-5 places from the heats and we went out again. This time I wound up in 5th Place.

Kirk was smart enough to finish 5th in the qualifier heat, and therefore did not qualify in order to remain fresh for the main event....!

They split the field for the main event into Category 1 and Category 2 racers. I "earned" a Cat 1 classification and Kirk slyly raced in Cat 2.

In the MAIN EVENT, beer handups took a much higher priority than finish place for me. As my back began to twinge again, the beer moved even further up the list. Having stopped several times to partake, I saw Kirk about 20 seconds back. So I had another and waited hoping to finish out the race with Kirk.

Excellent plan till I tore a little hole in my sidewall and DNF'd. RATS!

Kirk however, in true "tortoise" style, picked several off to finish a very impressive 2nd Place in his group! Oh and he looked damn good doing it.

NOTE: We both competed on our SS rigs, competing in geared fields with lots of climbing.

Cincy 3

All Cincinnati, Ohio racing, and Story, by Kirk Morrison!

What a fun weekend...with the chance to race 3 times at 3 different venues in big fields (120 to 150 racers in my starting group for every race) as well as watch the top USA Pro’s race afterwards.

My best performance of the weekend was on Friday which had a very muddy, slick course. This worked to my favor as I was able to work my way up through the struggling field with no crashes or mechanical issues.

Unfortunately the courses dried out on Saturday and Sunday but they were still plenty challenging.

This one random pic I found on FB is attached. This is from the first lap of Sunday’s Devou Park race in a severe off camber section where my entire group was walking/running. I’m in the lower right section of this image (behind Chris Mayhew whose Cat1-4 35+ group was also in my starting wave).

Race Date: 10-31-14
Race Name: Cincy3 – Harbin Park Cx
Race Location: Fairfield, OH
Race Category: Masters 55+, Cat 1-4
Finish Place: 4th Place
Web Address to Results:
Weather: 41F, rain and gusty winds (cold !)

Race Date: 11-1-14
Race Name: Cincy3 – Kings Cx
Race Location: Mason, OH
Race Category: Masters 55+, Cat 1-4
Finish Place: 17th Place
Web Address to Results:
Weather: 45F, partly sunny and 20+ mph winds (chilly).

Race Date: 11-2-14
Race Name: Cincy3 – Devou Park Cx
Race Location: Covington, KY
Race Category: Masters 55+, Cat 1-4
Finish Place: 11th Place
Web Address to Results:
Weather: 50F, sunny

Marshal Mangler....

...is NOT Marshal Mather's evil twin brother!

Marshall Mangler at North Park
Attended and written by SUPER FAN Ray Sielski with inserts by Mike Maher

Bobby Irwin, Mike Maher, and Richie Allen all showed up.

Bobby entered the Single Speed race.....(MM - Bobby had some MAJOR issues as I believe his chain has stretched and jumped of the sprocket numerous times. Throw in an asthma attack and Bobby had a VERY tough day. )

Looked like perfect conditions....perfect for a CROSS race, that is. Rain, Cold, Wind and Mud and some bad music on the too loud P.A. system....LOVE IT :)

According to tradition, there were a few costumes, candy and hecklers throwing Baby Ruth’s (at least I "think" they were Baby Ruth's...!!!).

Mike Maher raced his SS in his Veterans race, and had a spot of difficulty as he threw a belt on his drive system on the last lap.

(MM - Richie rode well and blew past me a mile or two into the race. He gapped me as did most of the field. I struggled. Back still hurt and had a very strong desire to puke for about 3/4 of the race. My back and the urge to purge simultaneously cleared a couple miles from the end. I was able to fight back a couple spots but was unable to reel in Rockin Richie despite all out last mile when I could see that glowing yeller kit in the distance getting closer and closer....
PS: About half way through the race I started having some shifting issues. Figuring I was having some suck issues, I went voluntary SS for the last bit. Upon cleaning my bike I discovered the outer plate on one of my chain links was severed. Not sure how the chain didn't break completely.)

The course was:
Slippy with a fresh coat of rain and welling up mud holes. Grass was slippy, pavement trickier with a 180 degree turnabout and mud trails were tacky. Two sets of barriers, a fence to climb, and of course the monster descent into a run up.

The barriers were easy to get over, however the gravel section made it tough to clip back in. Half cleated in, comes the off camber mud trail to 90 degree into the descent.

All mudded up some racers went over the handle bars. Not a bad tactic as they ended up collected at the bottom. Then the run up with mud stairs where you would get pelted with insults and last night’s leftover candy.

Can’t wait till next week.


Franklin Park Cross

ABRA Franklin Park Cyclocross Report
by Ray Sielski

While the Ag3r (MTB) B-Team was resting, the Ag3r (CX) A-Team were taken it to the hills.

Nathan Black, Mark Briercheck, Steve Marlette and Ray Sielski kept up the team respect with 100% show and go at all the ABRA CX venue races to date.

Nate led the way with the Cat 4/5 race. An early start before the day warmed up. He broke in the sand pit and showed the rest of us the best way to get to the barriers.

Next Up, Mark began his Daily-Double with his Single Speed bike, proving that "he" could get it up those hills without gears.

For Race #2, Mark showed up for the Masters Races along with Steve and Ray.

Team Ag3r in bright YELLOW kits on a cloudless day managed to get ALL Front Row call ups. We cannot be denied...!

Ray’s hole shot got him 4th Place into the hill section and the loose gravel on the climb.

Plenty of climbing on the front half, nice descents on the second half, and sand and barriers to finish each lap. In one place, there was a Steep Descent with a 180 degree at the bottom, into a Run Up on the other side.  No one could carry the speed needed to get up.  The entire field runs up.

Nate Black -
Category 4/5 - 43rd Place
Photo by Mike Briggs

Mark Briercheck - 
Single Speed - 6th Place
Masters 40plus - 10th Place
Photo by Mike Briggs

Steve Marlette -
Masters 50plus - 9th Place
Photo by Mike Briggs

Ray Sielski -
Masters 60plus - 7th Place
Photo by Mike Briggs

TidBits overheard in the Pits
# Dude, I just totally rode up the run up
# Don’t pass the guy behind you
# I was huge throughout the entire race, or, I rode huge.
# The striders are in the sand
# Ray, are you OK, what are you doing down there!!!

Marilla next week.



OhioPyle SUPER-D

HERE is the story of the Month of Mud Series from the perspective of Hannah's #1 Competitor....worth reading for at LEAST the final two races =>

Race #4 North Park and Race #5 Ohiopyle.

Then come "BACK BUTTON" to HERE for "just the facts" from Kirk Morrison!

Race Date: 10-26-14
Attendees: K. Morrison, R. Allen, H. Brewer
Race Name: MoM #5 – Ohiopyle State Park Super D/Enduro
Race Location: Ohiopyle State Park, PA

Web Address to Results: http://monthofmud.com/?page_id=2511

Ohiopyle Super-D Race Results:

Womens Expert – Hannah – 1st place (!)
Masters 45+ - Richy – 6th place
SS – Kirk – 6th place

Following the race, the awards ceremony for the overall Month of Mud Series was held with the following results (http://monthofmud.com/?page_id=2503).

MoM Womens Expert 1st Place QUEEN –>> Hannah.  Congratulations Hannah !

MoM Masters 45plus –>> Richy3rd place.  Nice work Richy !

MoM Single Speed –>> Kirk5th place. Good Job Me :)

Editor's Note:
.....we will all AGREE (right?) that THIS is a MUCH BETTER Result for Hannah than last year's(?)!!!


North Park XC MTB

Story by Hannah Brewer:

After missing the cyclocross race at North Park, and riding a bike only twice in the past two weeks , carrying a large buffalo chicken pizza for half of those miles...

....I returned to the Month of Mud series for the North Park Cross Country MTB race ...BECAUSE.... a dirt race that includes Ag3r riders + Sam + Deidre is BOUND to be a fun day.

It was!

Despite on and off rain the days leading up to the race, the trails were in really good shape.

I finished in 3rd Place of the Expert Women category and had fast ladies pushing me from all around, keeping me in my red zone for the entire race. It was a fun, fast race.

The curse of racing well is that I am now tied with Veda for 1st Place in the MOM Expert Women Series heading in the Ohiopyle SuperD race.

So, it's all DOWNHILL from here...!!!

Sam finished in 4th Place of the Expert Men Category
Deidre finished in 2nd Place of the Expert Women Category
Richie finished in 7th Place of the Masters category
Kirk finished in 12th Place of the Single Speed Category
Briercheck WAS THERE.....and raced until a mechanicalNOT a good year for him :((

Results HERE: http://monthofmud.com/?page_id=2534

Disclaimer: Deidre, Sam, (and Kirk) had THE MOST FUN the night before the race and still showed up bright and early smiling (and riding fast). HAPPY ENGAGEMENT SAM & D!

AND Steve Brewer showed up for the FOOD with the team at OTB afterwards. Surprise. :)



Ag3r RUNNER Roger Lutz took on the Buffalo Creek Half Marathon!

Story by Roger:
It promised to be cold, and threatened to be wet.  Promise fulfilled, and threats abandoned.  I had trained with miles, and was ready to go.  But I was in no way training for speed, or hoping for good times, or "Good Times".
One of the advantages of having raced this event a few times in the past is I was very familiar with the accommodations.  So I was able to pick up my race pack in advance at "Runner's High" (who am I kidding...  Amy did it for me).  Thus obstacle one was avoided,.. the huge lines at Lernerville.  I parked and hopped straight on the bus.  The Township Building was locked at the start so all of the runners were in the parking lot.  The bag system works great at this race, so while some runners froze, I was dressed like an eskimo until moments before the start.  A quick strip, bag and stuff the bag into a car and I was at the line.
I don't mind saying, I ducked the rope and slid toward the front of the masses.  While you're timed at a start pad and a finish pad, it still can be problematic being stuck behind groups of friends all out for a once-in-a-lifetime bucket-list kind of thing.
It was then.. and ONLY then..... I swear to you, no B.S.....  It was just then that I decided I wanted to really REALLY lay it all out there.
The gun, the start.
Some people say you should pace yourself and start slow, but I like the thrill of kicking through the crowd for a bit and the rolling roads to the trail provide for some fast running.  I also find it best to get a decent hole-shot into the trail so you're not held up.  You've got a mile or so in by the time you hit the trail.  Maybe you pass a few more people, maybe you get passed, but sooner or later, you find similar feet.
At first, I found Green Guy.  Green Guy has a beautiful elegant stride.  He looks like a great runner (in stark contrast to mine) and pacing him gave me something consistent to keep me driving.   Black and Orange guy passed me at some point and I decided to try to hold his feet and leave Green Guy.  I did for a very long time but around mile 11, with Black and Orange a few hundred feet ahead, Green Guy slid past.  I held on his heels tight into the Freeport area and as we climbed the hill, I noticed him slowing slightly. 

At the switchback of the climb the grade really kicks up hard.  We cyclists recall this, I'm sure, from the rails to trails rides to the river. I poured on 30 or 40 hard strong pumps and cleared him in the first few, leaving the rest to try to get a gap that I could hold.
Knowing that this year's finish was closer to the bridge than last....once ON the bridge, I dumped the hammer.  I was at 110%. 

A left descent... zipped UP the Jersey ...then a quick right-hand to the line. 

For HD and Jeff Bell, I went WFO!
I never know my time when I finish the race.  I'm pushing too hard to notice the clock.  Later, I received the results:

Personal Record!  
1:33:57.95 net time, with a 7:10 average pace.
58th Place out of 1,250 registered runners...
...with only 1,012 finishing, and
12th Place in my Age Group!
I was really proud to fly the Ag3r colors.  Thanks for the opportunity.  :) 
Editors NOTE: 
Rumor has it that Roger may enter an upcoming CycloCross race....and RUN the whole thing with a "Super-Lightweighted" bike over his shoulder....!!!